Terry Thompson
Sr. Vice
Joe Gentilcore
Jr. Vice
John Mulvaney
Frank Heine 
Jon Myers
Sargent at ArmsMike Snyder
GuardDon Kratzer
Judge Advocate
Pete Hamilton


3 Year
                              Stan Howd
2 Year
                              Rock Mulvaney
1 Year
                              Matt Burhans

William H. Church Post 126

Membership Eligibility:

Membership in this organization is confined to any 21 year old or older male family member whose relative is in or did serve in any branch of the Armed Forces and who has served on any foreign soil or foreign waters (recognized as a Foreign Service Veteran).

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DADs meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 1830.


DADS NEWS: Auburn Citizen News 12/22/2012: DADS Celebrates 60 Years in the Community

What is DADS:

The Dads of Foreign Service Veterans are made up of family members of active duty and honorably discharged officers and enlisted men and women who have seen Foreign Service with the Armed Forces of the United States of America. It was established and organized in Columbus, Ohio on April 23rd ,1944.

We are a patriotic, non-profit, and non sectarian organization who is sponsored by a VFW post. Our objective as DADS is to perpetuate the the spirit of comradeship among family members and to safeguard the rights of our sons and daughters and that of all overseas Veterans at home and abroad by our joint efforts in this organization.

We are here to add an organized voice to that of all Foreign Service Veterans' organizations or any other Veteran organizations, whomsoever that may be organized for the best interest of the American Veteran.

We stand strong to promote legislation in an effort to secure for those same Foreign Service Veterans all the rights and benefits guaranteed them under the Constitution and Laws of this Nation. We also strive to perpetuate the principles of Liberty and Justice for all.